Thursday, 31 January 2013

Background on blogs and bloggers

I have been reading blogs since a university project in 2005. The first blog I read was Petite Anglaise by Catherine Sandson, I have read this blog from beginning to end and if you like reading about family life, children, relationships and travel give it ago. You'll get to know each character well Tadpole, Mr Frog and Petite Anglaise. However, Petite Anglaise stopped writing her blog after her second child in 2009. A very sad day for Petite Anglaise fans, especially me I loved reading it. Catherine Sandson also had a book published that joins the gap between blog posts and her life. I have read this cover to cover more than once and enjoyed every time I read it. 

Having found this blog, I then started reading books, something I really enjoy doing when I find a good book. I usually find myself reluctant to put the book back in my bag and get off the train. One of these said books, after having read Petite Anglaise, was 20 times a lady by Karen Bosnak. A fictional story about a single woman who starts to think she has already met Mr right in one of her past relationship and thinks she has missed her big chance. Then makes a list of old boyfriends and starts to re-date them. This book has been turned into the film What's your number.

My point is that Karen Bosnak has her own blog - Pretty in the City. Before Pretty in the city, she had a blog called Save Karyn (I also read that from beginning to end. 1 of my favourite bloggers). Karyn was a shopaholic spiraling in to debt, juggling cash flows between credit cards. She would post daily updates and feature items on her pets. Elvis (the cat) and Beverly (the dog). There is also a book called Save Karyn, which is an amazing read - thumbs up from me.  

Three books I throughly enjoyed reading and recommend to all of you out there that love blogs and books connected to them. 

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Blog post 1 welcome to my blog

Having ummed and arghed, for weeks maybe even months, about having a blog. I finally decided to create one. I guess you might call it a New Years resolution, but as we are nearly in February it may be classed as a Chinese New Year resolution. I started last year making New Years resolutions (get a new job - done! get promoted -done!) and had high hopes of creating some for this year, keep fit, do some exercise, eat healthy (I haven't had any fast food this year) - i bet these are on everyone's New Years resolution list and fizzle out by February - but I have yet to make any. Maybe I'll do that this weekend...but don't hold your breath because something usually comes up and I find myself the busiest I've been all week, when all I want to do is sit in my pyjamas all weekend and not leave the house.

With this blog I hope to document events that happen through out my day/life. I may even throw in some reviews for beauty products - moisturisers (because I love them), nail polishes (because I love these also) and shampoos/conditioners, this blog won't be limited to just beauty reviews. I may review other things like customer service or restaurants.

I am having trouble finding a suitable background for my blog. Do any of you know of any free blogger templates that are not boring and have some character? Something like colour lovers on twitter - lots of pretty backgrounds.

Anyway, I shall sign off my first post and begin thinking about what I shall write for my next post. Stay tuned.