Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Trouble with sleeping

As I write this I should be asleep, but I am not. I find it hard to sleep if I am not the first one to fall asleep.

I really miss my parents. I chose to move to London and they don't live here. I miss spending end less days with the going to the supermarket or going for picnics in the summer. I love photography so I have a lot of pictures, but they aren't the same. This summer when I go back I intend to make some holiday videos. We travelled to New York when I was 19 and my dad took a holiday video and burned it to DVD years later the video camera blue screened and I threw it out. Not knowing that a tape was still in the camera. I don't know what was on the tape as it's gone now and I think the DVD was in the box too. I wish I had checked I regret not doing so now.

I intend to buy a 64GB memory card to film on, but I haven't figured out why my canon 550d only records for a minute. Something I shall look into tomorrow. If I can't figure it out I shall ask my boyfriends parents if I can borrow their camera. I know it has an SD slot.

An update on this is that I bought the 64gb memory card and it crashed on me, resulting in it having to go back to the shop or in my case the Internet. I then bought a 32gb card which seems to be working ok and I can record videos on my DSLR. However it did the same thing as the last card today, but I am able to write to it again. What is it with these cards and my camera. Also my boyfriends parents gave me their video camera, which is great but it doesn't record HD. So now I have my phone, DSLR and a video camera to record videos. I am on my way to making my YouTube Channel more interesting

I really want a YouTube channel and to upload my videos. I love watching sprinkle of glitter videos. I also love Primark haul videos and I am not so keen on make up videos. I am concerned that the people I work with will find them because I will never here the end of it.

On my way home last night I was buy listening to a couple opposite me on the train talk about an app called a second a day where you record a little video each day and then glue them altogether at the end of the month or year. I wonder what line will feature. Mostly home, work, home and work. I really like the idea of videos and capturing the moment. I used to think that about photos but they only tell half the story.

I remember being in college taking A level photography and purchasing my first film SLR. I did not want to borrow one from the college as there weren't enough to go round every student. Also I wanted a camera to call my own. When I bought it digital cameras were about 1 or 2 mega pixels so I invested in the film camera instead. I also thought to myself why would anyone want photos they cannot physically hold? Now I open my Picasa album and I have 50,000 plus photos in there. Documenting my holidays, days out and things. I love to look back at them and remember.

When I was a child my dad made videos of me playing in the park or running around the back garden. I love to watch these but I end up in tears every time of watching them as I am no longer that child running around at my parents house. They were recorded on a camera that you put a tape in and then to watch it you put that tape into a VHS and then the VHS into a player.

I really miss my parents. London makes me feel lonely at times as I have no friends here just acquaintances and colleagues. I miss my family but could never move back to my home town as it's not offering as much as London does and I love my job.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Things that annoy me

I thought I would mention this on here as travelling by train, not tube, allows me time to think. My biggest pet hate regarding train travel is people who put their feet up on the seats. If you are going to do this you might as well sit on the floor. Other people have to sit on the seats opposite you and by putting your feet on those seats, with the shoes you have tramped around London in - who knows what you have walked in or over. London has a range of items, such as chicken bones, spit, oil, hair and other nasties on its streets and you 'put your feet on seats people' put this on the seat I want to sit on.

I once saw a man pick up a Metro or it may have even been an Evening Standard and place it on the seat in front of him, then place his feet on the seat. This I guess I have no complaints with as he didn't put his feet directly on the seat. The only person to taken anyone else into consideration, when it comes to feet on seats in London.

Another thing, whilst I am on train travel is people who insist on sitting in the seat closest to the isle, and they are getting off at the terminating stop, making you climb over them to get to your allocated seat. Then they wonder why you have give them a glance of despair when you sit down.

One last thing on train travel, is individuals who insist on sitting on the middle seat of a row of 3, why not sit next to the window out of the way and let someone else have the 2 extra seats you are filling up with your bags.

Monday, 11 February 2013


I think I may be a day late for this, but nonetheless I would still like to wish you a happy new year. It's the year of the snake apparently. I was born in the year of the tiger.

Since I last blogged I haven't really done that much other than crochet a few more granny squares for, what I intend to be, a large granny square blanket, with 3D flowers, that will cover me when I am on the sofa. I made my mum a large crochet blanket for Christmas but it's not as big as she would like so I am still adding to it. I really enjoyed making it and I got pretty quick at crochet.

During the time I have been crocheting granny squares I have entered into the world of YouTube and its cacophony of YouTubers and their videos. My favourite type of videos to watch is Primark hauls, car boot sale hauls, charity shop hauls and what's in my bag, as well as room tours. I am just generally nosey and like to see what people have bought, carry around with them and what their houses are like.

Having watched these videos I am really inspired to make some videos of my own. I am going to Primark this evening and if I buy anything. I most probably won't as I can't justify spending any money on clothes or shoes that I don't need. I usually buy something and then a few days later return it.

At college I discovered Primark (2003), someone in my photography A level class had a pretty purse. 

And of course I wanted it and asked where it was from. Having found it was from Primark I trooped up there after class and bought myself the purse. I didn't know what Primark was at the time and I paid my £2 and exited the shop. That was, at the time, when Primark carrier bags were like the one pictured below.

I only truly discovered Primark and its brilliance at university. Kingston used to be my all time favourite Primark. I used to live in the opposite direction to where Primark was and I would go there nearly three times a week. Primark used to have lots of really cheap, quality items and if you didn't buy it when you saw it you would never have the item. Unless you went to the one in central London.

Now Primark seem to have upped their prices and dropped their quality. I don't seem to be able to find anything I want in Primark anymore, maybe I am not looking hard enough or maybe I can't justify spending my money. However, having watched all the recent Primark haul videos I may have restored my faith in Primark and I may purchase something or somethings.

Ps I still have my purse from Primark and always take it on holiday with me.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

What I want this blog to be

This is a question I am unable to answer right at this very moment in time, as I knew I wanted to write a blog mostly about my daily adventures and fashion finds. But st the moment I am finding myself a bit of a scatter brain going here there and everywhere with my past few blog posts. Maybe by the end of this month I will have a niche for this blog and be able to tell you what this blog is all about but at the moment it is the ramblings of a mad woman, with a predictive spell checker that adds in words I don't mean.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Quick stop in Chinatown and home for the weekend

I love Aloe Vera juice drink, sweet with little bits of Aloe Vera. Everyone should try it, once you have you'll want to try every flavour available. My favourite at the moment is mango, normal is tasty as well as passion fruit.

Chinatown is a hive for new tastes and experiences. At 5pm on a Thursday evening the main supermarket in London's Chinatown was packed, you could not move smoothly throughout without bumping into someone or having to go one way down the isles. Let alone stopping and looking at things - not a chance! You need to know what you want, where it is and calculate your route to the cash desk, without knowing any of these things you may become flustered and never want to go back again. But I love this experience and go to more than one supermarket.

On my shopping list -
Aloe Vera juice
Udon noodles
Udon noodles and curry sauce (this is sold in a joint packet you just add chicken, carrots and onions)
Chocolate biscuits - they are circles of biscuit filled with chocolate with a panda design on the front.

Although this is a very small shopping list I did discover lots of other things in there that I'd like to try but didn't know where to start. So I thought I'd come back with my boyfriend and plan what we should try and I will review it for you. I would have taken pictures of my items, but as I had finished the drink and the biscuits by the time I had reached my front door I only had my udon noodles to photograph which is hardly exciting

On a related note, I was walking through Chinatown last week and turned the corner to see a lady preparing hundreds of Chinese lanterns.

One had already blown down the road and others were scattered across the street, but she kept a hold of most of them and later on in the day they had been  hung from one end of Wardour Street to the other. A pretty sight if you ask me. Chinese New Year is very exciting. There is a parade held each year that ends in Chinatown.